House Valmont

House Valmont has ruled Orlais since the end of the Exalted Age.

Family Tree


Emperor Abelard I Valmont     =     Empress Colette I Valmont



|                                                  |                              |

Freyan = Donata d’Antiva     Cyril = Lienne  3) Jeanne = Stefan de Ghislain

- Charlotte de Chalons*      |                                  |

            |                                           |                                  |

Melisande                                 Alphonse                      4) Laurent

                                                 1) Etienne                     5) Uillard

                                                 2) Leontine


Note: In the family tree above, deceased characters are italicized, and current rulers are bolded. The numbers next to certain names indicate the current order of succession.

* = Freyan and Charlotte de Chalons were not married; their daughter Melisande is illegitimate and not included in the order of succession.

Notable Members

Freyan I Valmont

Emperor Freyan ascended to the throne of Orlais in 7:44. One of his first acts was to abolish the law that prevented women from becoming chevaliers. Freyan and his empress were childless, although Freyan did have an illegitimate daughter, Melisande, with his childhood sweetheart Charlotte de Chalons. Freyan also took Giroud l'Aulaire, Choue's late husband, as his lover for most of his adult life; Giroud even named his daughter Freyenne after the emperor.

Freyan died in early 7:54, presumably from a wasting fever, though many people still suspect foul play.

Donata d'Antiva

Dowager Empress of Orlais.

House Valmont

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